What Risks Have You Dared To Take Recently?

by Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

I shared a story a while back about receiving an order much earlier than expected. And other than it being a pleasant customer service experience, it reinforced my perspective on the need to sometimes take risks.

While placing the order, the estimated date was May 17th, the day the item was needed (so when I shared the delivery date with my friend, she was alarmed). Then behold, I received an email a couple days later stating the date had moved up to May 23rd! I was miffed, but tried to remain positive, but called to determine the return process (talk about paradox). Thankfully, the order arrived well before the required date, and my risk paid off.

Though this was a couple of years back, I found myself in a similar situation again under tight deadlines for my book launch event last year, and was told the international shipment of books would arrive on the day of the book event. Now this was a bigger risk! Venue booked, guests invited and plans ongoing, yet no book (not advisable). However, I was not willing to change the date. However, when I shared this with a couple of people, their reactions were not reassuring. So I decided to come up with Plan B and locally rush print some copies, which would cost an arm and a leg, and above selling cost. I felt I had no choice, and went ahead. Again, thankfully my international shipment arrived a few days earlier than the book event, and the local printers made a printing error, which meant I got a refund!

While this may be somewhat light examples of taking a risk, there are many other examples I could share with you such as relocating to different continents, quitting or turning down jobs, starting my own business and the list goes on. From all of these, I have learned that ‘no risk, no reward’ and ‘the higher the risk, the higher the payoff’.

What do you want? A certain job, a successful business or dream lifestyle? Whatever it may be, making it a reality starts with YOU!

Are you willing to take the RISK for what you really want? In my book “The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset, and Change Your Mind” I talk about being open-minded to take risks and step out of what feels safe. Only then can you live the life you’ve imagined.

What is that risk that seems larger than life … take it by the horns!