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1:1 Change Strategy Session

Yvonne uses a combination of coaching, advisory, and mentoring to help you strategize on a specific change initiative, project challenge or professional need. The session is aimed at providing you with the required guidance and tools to help you meet an immediate need, overcome a barrier or move forward in achieving your desired results and outcomes. 


The goal behind these sessions are “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.


We will help you:

I gave up on so many goals, became nonchalant and was asking myself if my projects are realistic and achievable. After connecting with Yvonne and undergoing the one month Challenge, I was struck by the 7th August challenge where she encouraged one to stand for our dreams and believe that our goals can be achieved. Just as a booster, I got up and started working on the tasks making up my goals.

Thanks so much Yvonne and I look forward to a deeper coaching with you.

– Nadine Mandjoli 


At the point I was referred to Yvonne, I had an idea, a general approach and a draft business plan but lacked the clarity to move forward with it. I could not pinpoint the exact reason why my business plan could not propel me into actually starting work on my business. I explained this to Yvonne and with the minimal detail that I could provide, I wasn’t very expectant. But I was pleasantly surprised when she summarised our discussion in such a way that showed she had heard the issues I wasn’t able to articulate clearly as well as propose a workable approach which included the right pace, mix of guidance vs advice and nudging. The support was structured, allowed thinking time and enabled me to gain CLARITY which was my main goal. As a result, I was able to achieve some of my planned goals earlier than I had scheduled and have continued with the same passion that was inspired through our sessions. She has also been a source of support following the end of our contract and I know I would not have realised this level of progress on my business without her help.

– Ijeoma Adele, Healthcare Consultant

    • 1:1 Strategy sessions via video or phone 
    • 2 email guidance and review sessions
    • $247 (All inclusive)

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Change Advisory and Consulting​

Turnaround Challenges and Experience Visible Results


If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe … Abraham Lincoln. 


While you sharpen your axe, and focus on what your organization does best, our Change Leadership and Management Consulting Services provide you with our well-honed expertise to help you increase adoption and drive demonstrable results on your change initiatives and projects.

change advisory

We provide practical and results-driven Change Management to support you, your team and organization through the process of change. We employ a variety of change approaches and tactics to help you overcome barriers and resistance to change, achieve results and experience return  on investment.


This Includes:

  •  Customized change leadership advisory and coaching to address immediate needs and support
  •  Advisory and support for your leadership team and team where required
  •  Change Assessments to enable you determine and address barriers and points of resistance to the change
  •  Strategies and individualized support to increase your influence with your leadership team and drive change
We engaged Yvonne to assist with a multi-year, cross-enterprise work program that had procedural and / or financial implications for functional and business stakeholders across the organization.  Prior to bringing Yvonne into the program, our change management effort had been ad hoc.  Yvonne quickly brought a consistent and formalized approach to the change management process, establishing good working relationships with key stakeholders and ensuring that a comprehensive, structured approach to outreach and regular communication was adopted. In addition to regularizing the change management effort, Yvonne also brought a wealth of experience and a willingness to share her perspective that allowed us to be much more proactive, addressing concerns before they became issues, and keeping the senior team fully apprised with respect to how the program was being perceived, and received, by stakeholders.  The only regret I have with respect to bringing Yvonne into the program was that we did not do it sooner. – Jim Storey, VP Risk Management  Yvonne Ruke is an outstanding communicator with the ability to work under pressure and manage people at different levels. We worked on a change management project relating to the implementation of SAP in Delta state and it was amazing how she was able to plan,communicate and effectively implement all the activities she had responsibility for. We were able to complete the project within budget and achieved the set objectives due to her flexible approach to dealing with issues and focusing on the core objectives of the project. Only 10% of the employees were interested in the SAP implementation process, by the end of the change management intervention, over 85% of the employees were involved in the process, and this is excellent considering the client was a Government institution. The role of Yvonne on this project was very pivotal to the success achieved by the team. – Frances Osuyah
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change workshop

Change Workshops & Training

We provide Change Management and Leadership training and knowledge development that is designed to ensure participants gain valuable skills to bring about the desired change results and outcomes, overcome barriers to change, and help them raise their level of influence leading to increased organizational performance. 


Our topics include:

  • Training is tailored to meet the needs of participants. Our approach is designed to ensure a considerable amount of interaction takes place, where it is not simply theoretical, but combines various learning approaches to achieve the most effective and beneficial outcomes.
  • Materials are tailored to clients requirements based on a training needs consultation prior to delivery of training. 
  • We ensure that attendees leave, not only with their questions answered, but also with the knowledge, ideas, and tried & tested tips to implement immediately into their day to day role.
  • Where required, training can incorporate attributes from assessments to feed directly into participants creating an action plan.

I found your presentation very insightful – and I feel like you humanised the change process – as a change professional, we often get caught up in methodologies, tools, templates etc and forget the basic 101 people side of things…such as empathy, transparent, open, two way communications and actively listening to people, as the core to our approach.

Alison Aquilina-Waye 


In one hour, Yvonne drilled down the very complex topic of turning around failing projects into actionable steps we can all use in our work lives. Her talk was especially a good reminder that a position and fancy job title will give you a platform but influence is the real channel to achieving success. Thank you, Yvonne, for inspiring us with all that you have accomplished!

– Hala Anwar


We were looking for a leader who could deliver an action-focused session targeted to the needs of our diverse community of young women. Yvonne fulfilled her role masterfully. She crafted an engaging session by drawing from her personal experience and her change management expertise, while zeroing on the immediate needs of our audience. Her delivery was exemplary. Using relatable examples and practical exercises, Yvonne delivered a highly focused presentation where she demonstrated her expert level knowledge of what it takes for women in their careers and businesses. The audience’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive with an average 9.3 out of 10 score for her presentation. I would highly recommend Yvonne as any speaker, facilitator or presenter engagement.

Sandra M. Riano, President of Young Women in Business Toronto


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Change Leadership Accelerator Online Program

Get monthly coaching and a practical course designed to provide you with the required competencies to raise your influence, and get the results and outcomes you desire. 

online course

We are constantly faced with changes stemming from uncertainties, strategic initiatives, advancing technology, government regulations, and more. How can you effectively lead change, prepare and get buy-in from your teams, as well as manage resistance to change?  

This course is designed for professionals, change managers, managers and leaders responsible for leading change, implementing change, and leading projects in their organizations. 


This is a practical program to provide and equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to turn around tough situations; and get buy-in from your leaders, peers and teams in order to successfully implement new ideas, processes and policies, as well as business and technology projects. 


This course will leverage proven and established tools, frameworks and materials from renowned thought leaders in the areas of Change Leadership and Management. 

How is this course delivered?

– This program will be delivered online with your private log-in and learning area. It will include videos and audio content, reading content, change leadership methodologies, exercises and activities, and sample templates to provide an optimal learning experience.

You will also have access to monthly group coaching and live Q&A calls, and a private online community where you can ask questions and interact and network with other change leaders like you.

  You will also have access to a private online community where you can ask questions and interact and network with other change leaders like you. However, you will continue to have access to the monthly group coaching to jump on and ask questions for your professional development and on leading change.

How long do I have access to this program?

– You can learn at your own pace and time; you will always have access to the monthly group coaching and course plus any updates. 

Do I need any prior knowledge of Change Management?

– No, you do not. But you need to have an interest in change leadership! The course and program provides you with the basic change leadership and management concepts to get you started. 

I am an experienced Change Manager, do I need this program?

 If you would like to gain change leadership competencies that help you overcome resistance to change, get buy-in from a broad stakeholder group, navigate internal business politics, then the answer is YES. If you want to elevate your change leadership competency, increase your influence, see better results, and gain more confidence, this program is for you. 

Who is the program suitable for?

– We like to say ‘everyone’, as Change Leadership is quickly becoming a required competency in today’s rapidly and disruptive business environment to stay relevant. However, if you are a people manager, leader, change manager, innovator, project professional, business analyst, organizational development specialist, or responsible for leading change in your organization, this program is a must for you.

While I’ve taken change management courses in the past, I’ve struggled with applying what I’ve learned in the classroom. With the Change Leadership program, Yvonne’s practical examples and hands-on exercises provided a completely different approach, focusing not just on concepts and techniques but how to work with them in the real world. I now feel much more confident in understanding how to lead change and embody it, regardless of whether I’m pushing up to get buy-in from senior management or more broadly to staff.

– Donna H, Manager 

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