Tick Tock… Is It Time To Get Back On Track?

by Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

How are we doing with the goals and targets we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year… on track, behind or surpassed it? Or perhaps we’ve already thrown in the towel and given up on them?

We often set goals because deep on the inside it is something we really want; be it financial, career, business, spiritual or personal aspirations. However, it is one thing to set a goal, and quite another to make it happen. It takes a boatload of focus, commitment, sacrifice, the right mindset and more to make it happen!

With all of these requirements, it is easy to lose momentum, and also the reason we need to have a strong ‘why’ behind any of our goals to help keep us going long after the initial motivation starts to wear off. If you’ve fallen off track and struggling to make headway with your plans and goals, stay with me and continue to read as I share what you need to do right now to get reenergised and back on track.

And the answer is, drum roll (not)… to Reflect and Re-evaluate. This is not only applies for those behind target; it is also beneficial for those that are on target or exceeded. Reflection is a useful tool that helps us determine what is working or not working so as to make the required changes that can propel us in the right direction towards successful outcomes. Reflection requires deep and unbiased thinking where we pause and ask ourselves hard questions, and be prepared to take responsibility for the answers that can help us make better decisions and re-plan effectively.

Reflecting and Re-evaluating on our goals requires us to take a critical look at each one of them and ask ourselves the following questions and more:


Or is it a wish and pipeline dream? On a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest, how motivated are you to put in what it takes to make it a reality? How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it?


Was it specific enough? Was it quantifiable and measurable? Did you attach any timelines to the goal? Did it clearly spell out the what, how and when? It is not enough to say “save to buy a home”, you need to be more specific. What type of home are you buying? How much is it? How much will you be saving each month? How long will it take? At every given point in time, it is important to be clear on what you are working towards to help measure progress, make the right decisions and remain focused.


Is it a goal or daydream? If goals were that easy or wishes, all it would take was to rub a lamp for a Genie to appear and make the ‘wish’ come through. Perhaps the reason you have either over or under achieved the goal is that it was not realistic to start with? i.e. upon researching how much a 2-3 bedroom home costs, you may find it unrealistic for you put aside $1000 monthly to attain your goal within two years, therefore you need to find other means of raising a deposit or buying something cheaper.

Until you start to make your goals more specific and less vague; measurable for you to be able to track its progress; take into account the resources available to you; create a plan and put a timeframe to it; then it may remain a dream and never materialise. Start thinking (reflecting) on where you are now, and revisit (re-evaluate) what you need to start doing differently to help you either achieve your goals or exceedingly surpass them.