Going from Negative to Positive Change

by Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Growing out of negative situations, to creating a growth and change mindset.

I recently experienced some significant events that have caused (and causing) me to grow, whether I’d like to or not!
What I’m learning from it is this; there are some types of growth that are proactive (where we choose to learn and grow), and some that are reactive (where circumstances cause us to hopefully learn and grow). 
I’m reminded of some unexpected situations that have caused me to grow: 

  • Losing my dad unexpectedly as a teenager and having to come to terms with it
  • Being attacked by armed robbers as a teenager, and doing my best to not let it scar me
  • Becoming a people manager unexpectedly without any of the technical knowledge for the job, and having to quickly step up and excel
  • My organization being hit by the pandemic, and having to quickly pivot, evolve and respond to the changes forced upon us

Growth creates change in our lives, and how we respond to the change has the ability to create a positive or negative impact. How we respond to change, also has a lot to do with our mindset! FYI. For strategies on leveraging our Mindset, see my book on mindset. 

To help us respond to change, we need people (support), knowledge, models and frameworks that can guide us, and we need to draw from the power within that we all have. 

When we grow, we expand out of our current constraints, and expand into more!