How To Conduct Your Personal Swot Analysis

by Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

The SWOT Analysis is historically a business tool that can also be used to provide a structured approach to help you develop a personal and professional growth strategy, or determine how to strategically move forward.

It is also a great clarity and self-awareness tool to help identify what your strengths and opportunities are, and what could be holding you back as you work towards achieving your goals or making a critical change.


A personal SWOT analysis will enable you to develop a plan to:

  1. Build on your Strengths
  2. Work on your Weaknesses,
  3. Leverage Opportunities, and
  4. Manage and overcome Threats that are holding you back

How do you go about doing this? Grab a sheet of paper or open your notes app, and let’s get started.


What are your strengths that will help you achieve your goal(s)? What are you good at doing or knowledgeable at? i.e. Self-Motivated, Resourceful, Technology, Managing People, Sales


What personal barriers could stop you from achieving the goal(s)? i.e. beliefs, knowledge, resources, time management, procrastination


What are the external or environment factors, or available resources that could work to your advantage in achieving your goals? i.e. high demand for your skills, broad network of contacts, seasonal offers on training or low start-up costs, grants


What external factors, changes and trends surrounding you could impact achieving your goals? i.e. changing market demand for your skills, family commitments, governmental policies and regulations

Now you have this information, you can develop a strategy to move forward. Using the ADKAR approach can help you develop your personal strategy and approach. 

What do you see as the major obstacles holding you back from pursuing or achieving your dreams and goals? Could it be lack of knowledge and resources, or your beliefs and excuses?

What are you going to do to overcome these obstacles?

Identify and build on your Strengths, work on your Weaknesses, leverage your Opportunities, and manage Threats.