In the early stages of my career, I found myself falling short on my communications skills despite best intentions. However, over the years I have been able to sharpen my communications skills and go on to build greater and beneficial relationships.

Great communication will help you create deeper connections that enable you be more successful in your career, networking, as leader and building stronger business relationships.

Leadership expert John Maxwell shares that communication is having the ability to relate and connect to other individuals, and not necessarily just through your words. Here are three tips to help boost your communication skills and make it more rewarding.

boost communication skills

1. Communicate with Intention

If you want to make an impact on someone, then you have to speak with intent. Plan what you intend to say prior to opening a conversation so you can better articulate your thoughts. Have a clear objective in mind on what you intend to get out of the conversation.

2. Be Interested In Them

Communicating is about connecting, and in order to connect, you need to pay attention to the other person and take some level of interest.

  • Actively listen and respond i.e. don’t think about your next point while the person is speaking – listen first, then come up with a response.
  • Speak more about the other person than yourself. And if you bring up a topic in a group setting, make sure it’s relevant to all.
  • Come up with ways to compliment and give credit to others.


3. Be More Aware

Study after study demonstrates that our communication goes far beyond what we say. Here are some additional cues to pay attention to.

  • Gesture and Body Language – Show that you are interested in what the other person is saying i.e. don’t stand with your arms crossed or continually check your phone when engaged in conversation.
  • Emotional – The heart is the first place that must be won over before you can win the mind.  When speaking and sharing your perspective, do so passionately and with energy. People will remember how they felt in your presence.
  • Verbal Language – Remember, words are powerful. Carefully select your words, and pay attention to tone of voice and inflections to create a more memorable and positive effect.


One of my biggest wins in communicating effectively has been learning to focus more on the other person; meeting them at where they are in order to create a stronger connection that produces a more rewarding experience, and results for both parties. Communicating with people is one thing, but creating connections is the next level.

If you can effectively communicate with others, you build stronger relationships, and stronger relationships lead to greatest success.

As one person you can do great things, with others you can do much greater!

What are your tips to communicate more effectively? What results have you had as a result of good or bad communication? Share with us below.


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Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Change Consultant, and John Maxwell Leadership Coach & Teacher at OliveBlue Inc

I work with entrepreneurs, leaders and organisations to transition through change, drive results and achieve their goals. Author of the book “The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset, and Change Your Life”, as well as two other guide and workbooks on business and professional development.

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