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Yvonne was consistently able to deliver captivating and engaging speaking sessions. Her unique ability stems from the fact that while she is in front of a group of people she is able to create an experience almost as if she is speaking to the individual member of the audience as well as presenting her thoughts in a logical and organized manner.

Myles H.

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What others are saying…

Yvonne is a wonderful speaker. Very clear and loud enough. Her information was really interesting and she engaged well with the audience. Well done I say!!!!

Samantha Bould

What I liked about the presentation was the fluidity and spontaneity of the presenter. Too often presenters exhibit a somewhat stiff delivery style, but this was not the case with Yvonne.

Javier Valdivieso

Dynamic speaker! Slide notes were systematically organized and “drilled down” on the topics in sufficient detail.


It was so informative and direct!  You have a flair for talking to an audience as if it’s a one on one private session! I felt it was all directed to me though you were speaking to tons of us. Thanks so much for all the knowledge you shared! ….You truly are inspirational!

Adaeze O.

Speaker Reel

All topics are tailored to suit client’s needs, audience and objectives. Some of our topics include:

  • How to Lead and Turnaround Projects before they Fail
  • Dealing With Change: How to Lead, Manage and Leverage Change
  • Change Leadership: How to Create a Culture of Change
  • Small Business, Big Thinking: How to Compete with Bigger Businesses and Stand Out
  • The Power of Mindset: How to Drive the Change and Results You Want
  • Goal Driven Branding: Branding that Drives Results

Book Yvonne to speak at your next event!

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+1 647 947 9493

About Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Change Management Consultant, & Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach

Yvonne has been described as a speaker who inspires her audience to take immediate action towards the change they desire. “My first objective is providing great audience experience and client satisfaction!

She is passionate about positive change, and works with organisations to help implement change that drives results and enables them achieve their financial and organisational goals.

She is an inspirational speaker, change management consultant, and certified John C. Maxwell coach & teacher on leadership principles.

The invaluable experience she has gained from working with a diverse group of clients globally, as well as her formal education in coaching, entrepreneurship and organisational change management equips her with the knowledge and tools to help her consistently drive desired results for her clients.

Yvonne is the author of the following books:

  1. The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset, and Change Your Life

  2. The Change Your Want! Career Booster Guide & Workbook

  3. The Change You Want! Business Start-up Guide and Workbook