Professional Development Q&A Session with Yvonne

Need to know how to advance your Career, get a Promotion at work, develop Leadership Skills  or Transition Careers?

Tired of being stuck and confused on what next?

Yvonne will answer your questions live through Google Hangout. It’s FREE to attend!



Saturday, September 6th
9 AM Eastern
6 AM Pacific
8 AM Central

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Here’s what people have to say about Yvonne’s talks:

It was so informative and direct!  You have a flair for talking to an audience as if it’s a one on one private session! I felt it was all directed to me though you were speaking to tons of us. Thanks so much for all the knowledge you shared! ….You truly are inspirational!

Adaeze O.

Yvonne was consistently able to deliver captivating and engaging speaking sessions. Her unique ability stems from the fact that while she is in front of a group of people she is able to create an experience almost as if she is speaking to the individual member of the audience as well as presenting her thoughts in a logical and organized manner.

Myles H.

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Change Consultant, Speaker & John Maxwell Certified Coach. Working with individuals and organisations to implement the change they want to drive results and achieve their goals.

My experience includes: Hiring Manager, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Organisational Change Management, certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Speaker & Teacher on Leadership principles, and a BSc & MBA.

I have also worked with a variety of organisations including as JP Morgan Chase, Loblaw, GM, Royal Bank Canada, Phillips Consulting, Deloitte & Touché, and British Telecom to deliver strategic and business critical projects. And received various awards, however, my greatest reward is helping others achieve their goals.

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This is your chance to ask your questions and get them answered LIVE! If you have been wanting to ask questions about your career, this is the virtual event to attend.

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