When you think about your biggest goal, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, achieving their biggest goal can be difficult. You probably think that there is a formula that you have to follow or a step-by-step process that needs to be strictly followed in order to achieve a major goal. I’m here to tell you that is not always the case. In this video, I’ll share with you my story on how I achieved one of my biggest goals and how you can too.


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Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Change Consultant, and John Maxwell Leadership Coach & Teacher at OliveBlue Inc

I work with entrepreneurs, leaders and organisations to transition through change, drive results and achieve their goals. Author of the book “The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset, and Change Your Life”, as well as two other guide and workbooks on business and professional development.

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