Free Teleconference:  Fast-Track your Career

Do you want a New Job? Do you want a PROMOTION or RAISE at work? Tired of going nowhere with your job?

Do you have a plan to make 2013 different? Are you ready to make this year a GAME CHANGER?

As a manager with responsibilities that included hiring,I reviewed uncountable resumes and conducted many interviews; why did some get the job and others not? I was also responsible for performance reviews, and determining who would be promoted or get a raise, again, what differentiated one person from the next?

I will be sharing insider tips and techniques to help you make a difference in your career this year.

Click to REGISTER and attend from anywhere for our FREE Teleconference and get tips & tools on;
•How to get the job of your dreams
•Getting a promotion or raise at work
•Making your current job more satisfying and profitable

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